#HUSH Meet   Design: Mikomax Team

More and more often employees stake a claim to the need of acoustic divided places to meet or work in concentration. Not always the best solution is conference room or focus room - solutions which are time consuming and costs absorbing to implement. We know that what is needed in fast developing company are easy to rearrange and ready solutions without the necessity of whole exchange of office furniture. It is even better when they can be included in typical open space! #HUSH is our innovative response for collaboration work place and traditional conference rooms. The size of one #HUSH equals two desks and the interior of this product is finished by acoustic sollutions what makes our work more comfortable. Back wall made with milk glass assure access to daily light and wiring make possible to install interior lighting and TV. In addition to that, there is a possibility to transfer #HUSH  really easily and quickly without full breakup which cause that #HUSH will be perfect furnishings of every office.

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